My tummy has been a chaotic place for the past 4 days.

After much pain and delay, my body finally failed me. And that's the only reason that pushed me to see a doctor. 4 hours ago, I was literally shaking in pain and cold. My vision blurred and I couldn't keep my balance. The doctor diagnosed me of food poisoning, and 'awarded' me with a 2-days MC. I would rejoice and dance around in my PJs if I were still in primary school, but no, absence from school at this age means missing out.

At this point, all I want is to be well taken off and feel cherished like every other child deserves to be. And that's when my mother plays her role. She plays her role perfectly, especially when I'm ill. The kind of concern she shows cannot be replaced with anything else in the world. And that's all I need now.

What I want to prove tonight is, at times when shit like this happens, at times when I feel like the only fucking person in the world, at times when I feel like nobody gives a damn. My mother is there. Nobody else, but my mother.


Black Parade

Earlier this week, I had one-of-those days whereby I woke up to find I only had 15 minutes to get ready and head to school. I grabbed a black tank top, a comfy pair of harem pants and slipped on my flip flops.

I strongly believe that a plain outfit can be transformed with the right accessories. On my journey home, I was making up different accessories to spice up my boring black outfit so I came up with this!

Pictures taken with my old Canon digital camera + iPhone for the shoes.

Military jacket from Etam, Shanghai

Wedged booties, second hand from flea market
It was my first attempt to shoot in my room, and it was harder than expected due to limited space, narrow lens span and lack of experience working with a tripod. And to be honest, I wasn't satisfied with what the pictures turned out at all. My room was well lit by natural light, however, most of the pictured turned out grainy, dark and unfocused, leaving me utterly disappointed.

But anyway, here's the best ones I found and combined. Enjoy :) While I try to figure out better angles in the room to work with.



Vanilla Floral

Hello everyone, how has the week been treating you?

I had a pretty tough one, which explains why I didn't update here as soon as I should be... Work load is gradually piling up and there are more deadlines to meet. Thankfully, I have been using iPhone Apps (Wunderlist and Evernote) to keep me on track - all notes/tasks sync automatically between my lappy and phone! Very pleasing way of getting things done. This way, I can make lists whenever and wherever I need to. Still in a dilemma of choosing to stick to the traditional planner or Apps.

Anyway, here's an outfit post of what I wore to Marina Barrage for a picnic. It was my first time wearing a bralet out in public! Okay not really, other than picture time, the rest of the day I was hiding my bralet beneath a cardigan.

I love my flats so much! Found them in Shanghai for SGD$6. Insane? I know right. I would be willing to pay even if it was $70 at Topshop. I never liked lace-up flats because most of them are either too ballerina-ish (those in pink satin) or too average looking (in black). However, this pair caught my attention with its floral print and a tapered cut.

Bralet - Cotton On, Cath Kidston Inspired bag - random pasar malam store, Lace-up flats - Shanghai, Shorts - second hand from the Salvation Army
For additional info on prices, do check this out on my Lookbook page - link at the end of this entry.

Dinner at Food For Thought!

Ceiling decoration that were extremely interesting to look at
Linguine + mushroom soup