Trying to find the air to breathe again

Hell week officially came to an end. I'm halfway through my Polytechnic education, and my 2-months internship is starting next week. Sometimes I wonder, why did God put me to a course where I can never excel in grades, where I never feel worthy or proud of my achievements. But I tell me self, the best has yet to come, the best had yet to come.

Trust. Breathe.


Dress - Lipsyditsy, jacket - Cotton On, belt- Shanghai, Shoes - Charles&Keith

Sky-topping wedges that I blogged about here!

Told you I can reach a height of 1.7+ with these on.
I haven't done a Lookbook post for so long, and today I just wanted to put myself together, plus the weather was perfect to even wear a leather jacket in Singapore! The dress is pretty but it gives me the most awkward moment whenever wind blows and the layers of chiffon just fly up above my knees. So embarrassing when it happens in public...


Have Faith

"Now Faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see."
Hebrews 11:1


Visages De Michelle

The shoot pictures are out! The below are my person favourites. Enjoy :)

For complete set of photos: ulichan.tumblr.com

Featuring: The very beautiful Michelle Chan, Carrie Models
Photography - Stuart Chen, Makeup - Me, Assistant - Low Yixing, Wardrobe - Kooshi, model's own, Uli

The entire shoot was done in my room. Can you believe it?! Working with space contraint is really a pain for shoot. Thankfully, the weather provided excellent natural light and the team worked cohesively. It's my first makeup experience on an actual model!! And by model, I mean individuals under the management of an actual agency, not a self-proclaimed 'model'. I had so much fun and learnt some lessons the textbook could never teach me. The initial theme was lingerie and night wear, which featured very soft blushed cheeks and subtly smokey eyes. And then from there we went ahead and got really adventurous - a fiercer look featuring strong cat eyes and red lips. We wanted to achieve a transition between two contrasting styles.

Which is your favourite? What do you think? Feel free to leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you guys. (:


"It's a wrap!"

The photoshoot earlier today took 5 hours in all, from makeup to styling to getting the perfect shot. My room was the 'studio'! It's not very spacious but we worked hard to make full use of available resources. Here's a little preview of what to expect from us:

Our very artistic set-up using a white sheet, some magazines and photo frame.  

Oh look an indoor umbrella! Yeah....

Our model posing fierce with chair piercing stilettos, my military jacket and a cigarette.

All pictures above taken with my humble iPhone.

I had an amazing time working with them, can't wait to see the actual photos and share with you guys! So stay tuned :D


My Pride And Joy

Some photos taken recently by my friends Tiffany and Jenny. Thank you so much!

Also, I'm pretty hyped cause I'll be working on a makeup related project/shoot tomorrow. Exams are coming so I have to work extra hard and organize myself despite the busy schedule. Keeping my fingers crossed.

My Sigma brushes - functional tools, more than just eye-candy


Loots: Salvation Army Thrift Store

Went on a mini shopping spree with my mom to Praiseheaven Thrift store, by the Salvation army. It's my third time there. I get so many surprises every time I visit. Trash to one can be treasure to another! There are so many preloved items in close-to-perfect conditions at reasonable prices, plus you'd be happy to know your purchase is for a good cause.

Here are some of the items I discovered, loved, and brought back home:

Vince Camuto heels in Silver, $20

Gradient lucite (see through) heels!
I knew I had to get it the moment my mom brought me to it. It features a thin t-strap and open square toe, probably like a daintier version of JC's foxy. Besides the quality and comfort, the sole showed minimal signs of wear. Whoever donated this must have had a big heart! 

Esprit dress, $12
I've been looking for the perfect chiffon floral dress for the longest time ever, what a pleasant surprise to find one (that FITS right) in a thrift store! The print is just bold enough for me and ends right above my knee. I also think it's a rather versatile piece cause it goes with denim jackets, formal blazers, white Converse and so on.


Animal Instinct

Charles & Keith wedges I got on sale
Welcome, new shoes!

I first saw this on a friend of mine, looked so good on her. I've been looking for a pair of nude heels for a while because majority of my shoes are black. This one's strappy, light weight and SUPER tall (not even kidding, I can easily reach 1.7m with those on). A plus point for its comfort though looks can be deceiving! 


Some shoes that caught my eye recently...

Source: http://www.knighttcat.com/2011/07/onetwothree_21.html
Image credit: google
Source: http://www.fashionsquad.com/new-in-metallic/

1. Chloe sandals - Who would have thought gold cuffs were not just for the arms?
2. Fabiano heels by Alexander Wang - Unbelievably sexy! Looks painful though.
3. Zara metallic pumps - Someone kindly tell me if it's available in Zara Singapore?

Bound To You

If you watched Burlesque, you'll definitely remember this song where Christina was on stage in her green gown.

Here's a cover I found awhile ago, tooooooo good to not share. I literally played it on repeat 10 times for 3 consecutive nights when I first heard. Can't get enough!


Cheers to the freaking weekend!

I had a close-to-perfect weekend! So sad it's all over in a flash.

Dinner at Haji Lane

Last friday was my boy and I's 1.5 years anniversary. Due to time constraint, we only had time to meet up for dinner. We dined at this little restaurant near Haji Lane, which its name I've already forgotten! It was so packed that we had to sit along the road side, with no tea candle or whatsoever. The service was pretty bad in my opinion; the waitress who served us made our seats shift several times, took a chair from our table cause the other table didn't have enough, rejected Nigel's credit card cause the machine 'couldn't read'. In fact, his credit card was perfectly fine when I demanded the waitresses to try it again.

Wore this gorgeous flowy dress from Lipsyditsy!


Had a full day in church because the youth music ministry had to perform special music at night and I was part of it! I have so much joy every week with in Church. Time always goes by so quickly even if my friends and I are just talking with some bubble tea.

I brought my $2 Daiso sun hat and round shades, my friends loved them!

Bernice with her new glasses (it's real!)

Chill out spot outside the sanctuary


Self proclaimed John Lennon 

The youth music ministry singers practicing hard for special music 'What Faith Can do'

The band.....

...and our beloved pianist.

My face at its best.

Stayover at Marina Bay Sands

I had the opportunity to see MBS the first time in my life! Lucky me. So thankful and excited when Desiree invited me over (thanks babe!). Nigel came along too! We were so amazed by the architecture within MBS, it looks like a long stretch of stairs if you look straight up. Everything was grand and large scaled. There were live music going on in one of the bars, low murmuring among the adults, what a nice place.

View of ceiling within MBS! (taken with iPhone camera)
I'd say the room was average... I expected better since it's a 5-star hotel right? Our room was oriental themed with neutral furnishings. The toilet was huge though; 2 sinks, a bathtub, shower room and toilet. The view from our window was awesome. We could almost see the entire Singapore. Just kidding.

Hitting the waters!

It was so crowded at just 10.30am in the morning! People were everywhere, but we were lucky to get 2 sun beds. The water in the pool was freezing cold! Took me forever to submerge my entire body in :(


Sharing a tanning bed. BECAUSE WE CAN ^^

Totally candid! Reminds me of those good vision advertisements lol.

Boy in his totally mismatched board shorts

Mama Liew :)

Went down to Hyped Up flea at Scape!

Dinner at Timbre @ Substation

Nigel and I made our way to Timbre for dinner. Have been hearing about it so much, but it was my first time there, and probably the last. I'll tell you why in a minute.

I loved the food, the ambience, music (except it was too loud) and I think the prices were reasonable. However, service was BAD. Real bad. In fact, it was horrible, and it ruined my entire experience. I hate to have that sense of guilt after experiencing a bad service, cause there's not much I can do about it, plus I've heard so many good things about Timbre.

What happened at Timbre:
1. We were denied of refilling of plain water. The waiter told us if we wanted refill, we HAD TO order drinks.
2. We were told to not drink from our own bottles (plain water) because outside drinks are not allowed.
3. Again, we were told outside drinks were not allowed when we already stopped drinking from our own bottled.
4. The waiter asked for my debit card to put 'on hold' when our meal wasn't even finished.

I couldn't believe this was the kind of service I got out of Timbre. Timbre has fantastic reputation among my friends. I am not a difficult customer. I seldom complain to whoever that serves me and I try not to ask too many questions. But Timbre was just horrible and unreasonable for its service.

Anyway, on a brighter note, the food:

Buffalo wings!
Roasted duck + Hawaiian thin crust pizza (edited with Instagram)

Food came in large portions, more than enough to satisfy the both of us. Nigel recommended the roasted duck pizza which I was crazily in love with!

Burnt a hole in my pocket :( Can totally forget about my JC Cosmic Litas. But my weekend was awesome! I'm blessed with loved ones <3