Dr. Martens - Tegan

Talk about Dr Martens, everybody knows what those are - those chunky underground boots with its distinct yellow sole. I have loved d.marts ever since I was a child, but was ever brave enough to carry this bold fashion statement on myself. Till now, I don't even own a pair of their boots, but I am planning to, and I will. I remember seeing them on Avril Lavigne, Agyness Deyn and other rock stars, and how I'd die wishing for a pair on my feet.

Well here's my first and only pair of Dr Martens. It's called Tegan and I got them in wine. It has discontinued already. They're like old school mary-janes but with heels, they're also slightly gothic looking which I adore.

Below is my recent outfit that I put together for a semi-formal dinner. I paired my d.marts with an olive green dress. In my opinion I looked a little like those military nurses in WW2 .(haha) What do you think?

Dress from Mango