Thursday, May 14, 2015

Jinguli x Yacht 21: Samsui Goes To Work

Wardrobe by YACHT 21

Art direction: Jaren Ho
Design: Jasmine Huang
Photography: Pang Yun Jing
Hair & makeup: Hong Ling Lim
Model: Uli Chan

History in making: Jing & I's first formal meeting with Yacht 21 #thisisbusiness #workingwomen

About two months ago, Singapore fashion label Yacht 21 contacted me to ask if I was interested to be the face of their capsule collection, which will be launched in Tangs in conjunction with Singapore's 50th birthday and Singapore Fashion Week. 

Sketches by designer Jasmine Huang

During our first formal meeting, I was immediately attracted to the idea of the Samsui woman. Samsui women, also known as “红头巾” were women labourers in construction jobs. They were mainly Chinese immigrants who came to Singapore between the 1920s to 1940s in search of a better future. Their signature red headwear served as a functional and safety garment, protecting them from the harsh sunlight and accidents at construction sites. There is no better time to pay tribute to the hands that built this country.

Inspired by the resilience and strength of Samsui women, Samsui Goes To Work is a capsule collection made in Yacht 21's signature colour palette and modern boxy tailoring. There are details that cannot go unnoticed, such as the sailor's knot and red thread. The design elements, subtle yet defining, makes the garments extra special in celebrating Singapore's heritage.

Working with new people is really an underrated challenge when it comes to photoshoots. Luckily for me, the entire shoot only felt like fun because Jing is an amazing photographer for me and I can always trust my face to Hong Lim; both talented individuals whom I have worked on multiple accounts. It makes a whole world of difference when you can trust your team 100 percent.

Our morning shoot attracted a fair amount of onlookers. Some had mistaken us as TV production crew. Shooting in a bustling city area like Bugis was quite an experience for me.

I forgot to mention how limited of a space we were working with. The construction site area was a small road stretching no more than 150 metres, with constant traffic and big trucks. Jing surprises me every time because she makes miracles happen. Seven outfits on the same road completed in one morning? Only possible with this girl. 

This was Jing and I's very first "big" project and a milestone I'll always remember. I would not have enjoyed making lookbooks till this day if I hadn't met Jing about two years ago at our previous workplace. The launch event at Tangs Orchard was fun, but beyond the hype, I know it in my heart that this is a project I will feel proud of in years to come.

Sweet Drug top, Yacht 21 Samsui Goes to Work culottes, Bass by Rachel Antonoff oxfords

Ending this post with my personal favourite piece from the collection – the perfect pair of denim culottes I have been searching for. I love it because it fits me exactly how I want it, neither too long nor short, just in length for that 60s schoolgirl silhouette.

Samsui Goes To Work by Yacht 21 is exclusively retailed at Tangs Orchard and Tangs Vivocity from May to July 2015.

#samsuigoestowork #yacht21 #sgfw #sg50

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Female Magazine Malaysia Feature: April 2015

Look Ma, I'm featured in the press! 

"As a freelance makeup artist and occasional model, Singaporean blogger Uli may be relatively new to the scene, but what she lacks in years of experience she makes up with creativity. With a sense of style both captivating and aspirational, she pieces together near-editorial quality outfit posts, as well as the more approachable travel diaries. (Certainly a style icon in the making.)"

The very kind fashion journalist Brent Taalur (@brenttaalur) wrote to me a few months back asking for a few high resolution pictures for his feature column. He was polite and I did not think much of the opportunity, just until when I realised I was placed next to some of the biggest names in the industry.

People like Nicole Warne and Rumi Neely whom I have admired from the very beginning of my writing journey. My humble title beside these iconic bloggers feels undeserving and is not to be taken lightly at all. I am really lucky sometimes.

Friday, April 17, 2015

The World Is My Oyster

Kerra lace coordinate - c/o KLARRA
Payton clam clutch - c/o O'ORO Accessories
Lace up heels - Shanghai
Lipstick - Wine Not by Revlon

The sun has been consistently out this past month or so. With just a few days to my year two final submissions, I can hardly wait for the summer break. I have plans of traveling to Europe in mid June, but short term wise, I really just need a good chill-out session at the pool and karaoke.

Meanwhile, I try to strike a good balance between my deadlines and dreams. I want to travel so badly, feel the sand, the sea, but before the heavenly pleasures it's still me and the concrete jungle. My real priorities are about finding a summer job, making meaningful relationships and keep my grades in check. On a brighter side, my problems are not unique. Every young person would be put in cross junctions some point or another.

This outfit is my take on being an 'industrial mermaid'. The delicate oceanic oyster clutch was what I built the rest of the outfit on. Quirky accessories are my thing because they add so much flavour to the image you're trying to create. Its tiny size is not a bit compromised for details, with each pearl painstakingly sewn on to create a luxurious surface.

The two-piece set has the loveliest scallop lace frills which are highly reminiscent of the 1930s flapper style. The ultra short crop top gives it an update and looks incredible with anything high-waisted, while its intricate texture keeps the monochromatic outfit fancy. I like how its choppy frills look like a pre-worn pirate garment, washed up the shores to be restored again. Now the finishing touch – wavy hair (which only took me 5 minutes to curl) that makes my mermaid idea so much more believable.

Photography by Yun Jing

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Nifty Fifty's Food Diaries

My new prime lens – the Canon 50mm – is a game changer. Its hype among amateurs and pros is pretty substantial, and I can hardly put my camera down ever since. I like to think of it as "cheat lens" for its godly abilities to make any photo look really good..almost professional. 

Because of its winning bokeh effect a.k.a. DOF, it has developed a strange inclination towards mini objects like food. It's like my new hobby to photograph and document what goes into my belly, photos which I look back at whenever I'm feeling bummed. A quote in Vogue accurately describes this satisfaction, "there's certainly a bridge between food and fashion. Both create beautiful things that inspire, indulge and free the creative mind". I have no intentions of becoming a food blogger but man, admit that the 50mm is definitely the secret to being one.

Butter waffles topped with vanilla ice-cream and caramel popcorn


Even average fish ball noodles from the hawker can look appetising (bowls play a part too).

This 3-month old restaurant cafe is worth a mention. Cafe hopping is getting overrated and it's a new game of sifting through an endless list of pretentious hipster hangouts with over boiled coffee. But AEIOU is one unique spot with a charming interior assembled in mismatched, restored furniture, and quirky collectibles. I have nothing to complain about the food either. They're healthy, simple, wholesome and fairly priced.

Semi-cooked sunny side ups with garden vegetables, toast and pesto sauce
Avocado cake with nut crumbs. That Pantone plate thou...
Ice-blended avocado puree and espresso shots
Denim dress - Mango
Wooden box sling - c/o O'ORO Accessories
Oxfords - Bass by Rachel Antonoff

MARS by Mixes From Mars
Oh wow, who knew drinks were this fancy nowadays? I could be the only one confused with bar menus, it feels like looking at a menu in foreign language. Besides roughly knowing that's a Bloody Mary or Shirley Temple, I relied on illustrations (luckily) for everything else. MARS bar is really something with lots of custom, innovative drinks I never could have imagined. I forgot what these drinks are called but they're even more delicious than they look.

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