It's been 7 months since I wrote a word here, and it makes me sad to realise perhaps I have not made blogging my priority. What happened? Looking back, this 2017 has been a whirlwind of events. In the past 12 months, I had left my old job feeling really lost and discouraged, travelled, got my first tattoo, got offered a job I love, and met a whole new bunch of people at my workplace whom I treasure and consider my extended family. I wish I had it in me to pen down every single event that mattered to me, but there's only so much energy I can muster, so if you're still with me, I appreciate it so much!

One thing that mattered to me this year has been building a greener wardrobe, which involves downsizing my collection, getting more wear out of clothing, and my favourite part – buying second hand. To illustrate this, I'm dressed in mostly thrifted items today (minus the shoes). The vintage dress was bought off Carousell for only $8. Based on the aged fabric and unique silhouette, I believe it was made in the seventies. Definitely not an everyday look, but I love the square neckline and intricate embroidery too much to care. Meanwhile, the straw tote was spotted by my dear friend Jing at The Salvation Army. Its bamboo handles, crochet stitching, and leather flower brooch sealed the deal for me at $15. These items may not be shiny nor perfect but like faded photographs and dried flowers, I think they carry plenty of character and charm.

Photos by Yun Jing.