Year 2

Year one in Ngee Ann Poly passed in a flash. I made a handful of close friends, worked in an entirely new environment and learnt some of my lessons the hard way. When I walk past certain parts of the school it reminds me of times when I was heartbroken, and others that make me smile sweetly to myself. My life seems to be moving in a new direction. I really don't know what I'm moving towards because despite having a place in the 'best business school in Singapore' (yes I'm thankful for that), being a student who actually is in it isn't that glorious after all. I still remember my first day of school, when I was charged with excitement and drive, when I was a little scared like every other freshman. When I wanted to know every single person so bad because everyone's doing it. My energy didn't last long, and I lost hope and interest in many aspects. Today as I once again walked in the school gate, I heard cheers and saw countless freshmen dressed in colour code. I saw my friends as group leaders. I could tell the campus was louder than it has ever been in a long time. But I couldn't feel the excitement, not even a bit. The thought of getting to the lecture hall on time interested me more.

I visioned my Poly life a much better place...

But my imagination deceived me and I end up oh so disappointed.