Vintage Finds From Victoria Jomo

Yesterday I attended "Fit All You Can" by Victoria Jomo. Basically, its a shopping event whereby you purchase either a $35 or $55 carrier, then grab as many items of your choice as possible and fit them all into your carrier within 20 minutes.

Who doesn't love fashion buffet?

I got the $35 carrier (about the size of an A4 paper) and managed to snugly fit 5 items.

Here's some of the pieces I brought home with me.

1. Embroidered mesh corset top - Super figure flattering, fits me like a glove.
2. Chiffon blouse - concealed buttons, pleated ends
3. Silk blouse - Big shoulders with a tapered waist. ADORE this piece.

Gorgeous, intricate details
Maple leaves detailing
What I felt about the event:

It was very well organized so I'm happy with the overall shopping experience. However, stocks that claimed to be constantly restocked were gone by the time I reached, which was mid afternoon, thus leaving me slightly disappointed because I did have some items in mind beforehand.

BUT, look at what I've got! Aren't they beautiful and one of a kind? I am surprisingly happier with my purchases than I thought I would be. Well, maybe you don't agree with me. Even my mom said I have a serious problem because those belonged to her time!

I've been really into vintage clothing recently, kept pestering my mother to dig out old stuff from her closet. Might consider doing a blog post on that?


Up next: outfit entry. Stay tuned!