Maxi Dress Party

The day my friends and I coincidentally wore maxi dresses to church...

A great maxi dress, in my opinion is something that will never go out of style. The idea of a maxi is simple - a long dress that covers.

Here are 3 reasons why I love maxi dresses:

1. It's figure flattering for everyone, really.
2. It's sexy without revealing much skin.
3. It creates instant motion and drama.

A good fit and one that reflects your personality makes a difference. For instance, girls who are curvy might want to stay away with frills as they give more volume. In general, always try to get something that looks great on its own, even without a belt to clinch the waist. Remember, accessories are optional and should enhance more than it fix.

I will feature 3 kinds of maxi dress that my friends and I wore, and bring you through some other ways I'd personally wear them.

Bernice's Diana Mini

1. Animal print

Whether it's leopard or zebra, animal prints are incredibly dramatic, especially on a maxi dress. It's important to get one with prints that look relatively similar as of leopard skin as the correct colour and print would flatter our skin tone better. I feel that grey leopard prints should be avoided as they don't only look artificial, but doesn't compliment warm skin tones as well. Grey leopard prints make me look extremely tired and dull.

Leopard print maxi dress - Bugis street, $15

Bernice looked beautiful in her maxi dress as the warm tones of her dress really enhanced her skin tone and red hair. She paired it with chunky heels and a waist belt to show off her figure.

I would wear her maxi dress with sandals and braided head band for a bohemian look. I feel that leopard prints look amazing with anything hot pink. Thus, I would go with a bright pink lipstick for a slight pop of colour.

Suede wedged boots, New Look

Nick's creepers from Underground

For life <3

2. Solid colour

If you like your maxi dress to be very versatile, try a solid colour maxi dress. Common choices are black, white and navy blue. Those are fine, but I wanted something that made an impact on its own, yet versatile enough to go with many different things in my wardrobe. This one I have is in fuchsia, which I think really suits my skin tone. Fits me like a glove!

I would also wear it with my leather jacket and boots if I'm feeling grungy. Otherwise, a blazer and some pumps will give it a nice polished look.

Fuchsia maxi dress - Forever 21, $21 

3. Floral

Girly, romantic and perfect for summer. Floral dresses are irresistible and such a pretty sight to see! The key to rocking a floral maxi dress is not to over accessorize. Try to keep everything simple; Kaylin accessorized with only earrings. Staying clear of necklaces help draw more attention to her collar bones.

A floral maxi can be toned down by wearing something neutral in colour such as a nude blazer. A well-cut blazer will give more structure and frame the body as contrasted with the flowy movement of a maxi dress. On colder days, a cropped sweater can be worn over and give a more relaxed look.

Heels from Far East Plaza

I'm so happy with how all the pictures turned out. So heartwarming to see my friends genuinely happy. I'm sure you can tell by the photos. Love taking photos of them as these will be worthy to back on 10 years from now.

So which is your favourite dress? Let me know!