Weekends mean so much more ever since I started working... Makes me wonder if adults have a life. I work the '9 to 5' job like any other OL, and I'm still striving to achieve a good work-life balance. It's so hard, when I have so many things I want to pick up such as sewing, improving on my uke, DIY my accessories.

But then, my work life makes me appreciate my weekends so much more. I go all out for good, clean, guilt-free fun with my friends after a week of hard work. I am blessed to have the same group of friends who has been and will be there for me through good and bad.

5 (skinny) people in the back seat

Good coffee is a must to get conversations going

FOTD - sticking to neutrals
I'm back to my 'made up face' on weekends. I make a point to dress up and do switch my makeup a bit at least twice a week.

Michael, before going botak for army!

Check out those lashes, 100% real.

Virgin experience at Cold Stone! Gosh I must be really slow to not try those goodies earlier in my life.

...as well as burning a hole in the pocket. Journey to FATness

Ordered Berry Berry Berry Good and yes, it is as awesome as its name suggests! So creamy, with fresh berries to tone down the sweetness and moist waffle to go with. Definitely going back for more.

Dress - Mango, Qatar
Okay, back to Monday blues.