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As someone who constantly seeks new design inspirations for my humble bedroom, I picked out two interesting pieces I wish to incorporate into my space. Let me share with y’all!

Guess what is this…

Woouf Paris
This is actually a beanbag in the form of a suitcase! Just imagine an object like this sitting at the corner of your room, or perhaps used as a bedside table (which I’d prefer), so cheeky and adorable! Comfy too.  In the similar product range, other items in disguise include a stack of ‘magazines’ and even a Rubik’s cube!

The Wild & Wolf 1950s Diner Phone is an interesting one. It brings back so much nostalgia from my primary school days when I used payphones to call my mother, way before the age of mobile phones. I also like to associate payphones with American men in suit and Fedoras and maybe with a roll of newspaper on hand. This phone has a rotatory dial and a full-featured coin bank with lock and key ringer control. Calling a friend may take longer but the fun is definitely worth the time!

Those items can all be found at Kwerkee, a concept by Reebonz. They carry a whole range of unique and quirky (as the title suggests) lifestyle goods and heavily promote design inspiration. Products are shipped in fancy biodegradable boxes and paper bags!

Kwerkee is a membership-based site where anyone can join for free. There will be 2 to 4 events daily, with all items sold at up to 70% off retail price. For instance, the Nespresso Coffee Machine is $318 onsite, much cheaper as compared to $398 in retail. Free shipping applies for all items (within Singapore and Malaysia)! Hooray!

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