Weaved chiffon dress - Dressabelle | Knit shawl - Mom's | Wooden wedges - Hong Kong

Photography by JJ

I have been listening to the Burlesque official soundtrack non-stop for the past week and Tough Lover has to be my favourite, followed by But I Am a Good Girl. Those are the ultimate pick-me-up songs that make mundane trips to school a lot more pleasant. I have to refrain myself from dancing and twirling in public. It's amazing how the right music can generate positive thoughts.

Today I'm feeling all girly in my minty chiffon dress and knitted shawl. It seems like mint is really growing on me... It's hard to say no when a colour like this compliments my skin tone so perfectly. I feel that it injects just the right amount of colour without overpowering.

On a random note, I really love the greenery and landscape in HDB areas of Singapore. Thanks to landscape designers, I am fortunate to enjoy beautiful gardens and fresh air everyday. The slogan "Garden City" lives up to its name. If you haven't been noticing, it's time to appreciate the little things in life that we take for granted.