Hello, Soiree

Within minutes after posting a picture on Instagram of my unboxed shoe, I received so many questions/ comments/ messages asking where did I got hold of this, which has been OOS (almost) everywhere. Ladies, I hear you. I waited for 3 months. I did not buy from Solestruck, neither is this from Nasty Gal. For obvious reasons;
1. They take forever to restock popular items. I don't geddit.
2. Shipping cost is a pain.

Ever since I saw the Soiree on the blogosphere, I fell for its beauty. I really love 'hooker' shoes because those always make a girl's leg look literally endless. They give an almost ethereal effect by visually levitating you when seen from afar. But I guess only Mr Campbell knows how to create 'hooker' shoes that is tastefully sexy yet modern.

Jeffrey Campbell Soiree Silver

Okay, shall get to the point. I purchased mine from:

For those of you who asked me all about my shoes, have you heard of something called 'Google'? I simply searched for my shoes and landed on Ashbury Skies. They seem like a newly established website that offers popular shoes in exclusive colours and designs.

The main reason that I chose the site was FREE SHIPPING! How awesome is that? They were offering free shipping for a limited period (still ongoing) as long as you enter a code during checkout. I paid USD$119.95 in total for my order. The company shipped my orders promptly which reached me in 7 days.

I'm slightly disappointed for not getting hold of the original Soiree with clear front strap. But bearing in mind that shipping was absorbed it's not that much of a loss after all. Besides, I'm afraid acrylic straps might turn yellow or even break over time.

As for sizing, I highly recommend going a full size down from what you normally wear because I feel that JC shoes are generously spacious and Soiree is open toed. So for example, I normally wear 8.5, but a perfect fit for Soiree will be 7.5.

Okay that's all! Hope your dream shoes make their way into your shoe closet soon :)