Sweater - City Plaza | Leather circle skirt - Forever 21 | Bag - Shanghai | Leather booties - Esprit

Details: Casio watch, m)Phosis spike bracelet, ring from Taiwan, China Glaze polish in Purr-fect Plum

Achievement of the week: I started jogging again! I have been a total couch potato for the longest time, it's good to be active again. It might not seem obvious, but I love fastfood, napping straight after meals and milk tea. Running not only makes me feel more energetic, I am hoping the outdoors will improve my eyesight too.

Weeks ago, I post a picture in my Instagram announcing there was a mega shoe sale at the Esprit outlet store (IMM). And here's the booties I got for only $34.90! Purchasing at this price for full leather finish - SCORE! Every girl needs a staple pair of boots! And having them in metallic silver colour is definitely an unique addition to my collection.

Photos by Mandy

*caught photographing in church compound*

Just my good friends photobombing. Love having them in the picture anyway. :)