Feature In NP News Magazine

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About two months ago, I got a call from the school office. 'A' told me he wanted to feature me in October's issue as a stylist, and my task was to style two students under a budget. At that point, I was surprised, confused and unsure. Stylist, really? What if I messed up? I have never styled any body besides myself and my Barbie doll. The pressure was on because I did not want to embarrass anyone on a magazine that was going to be issued to every NP student's household.

The shopping experience told me a stylist's job is not easy. Shopping is already peanuts compared to directing the shoot, lightening, conceptualizing. I can only imagine! Thank God Nigel helped me so much (love you) and I finished shopping within a day. On the day of shoot, A, Naomi and Wilson were all so great to work with (thank you)! We had fun and most importantly, the students felt comfortable in their outfits. My job was accomplished. As you can see, some of the items were thrifted from Salvation Army! I'm a firm believer that second hand clothes can look just as good.

Ahh, what a pleasantly strange feeling to see myself in print! Pretty sure I stuttered during the interview but hey, a first time to everything right? :)