Walk The Line

Cheryl Wee X KLARRA Bondi Organza set - c/o KLARRA
Platforms in style of Jeffrey Campbell's Clinic - Shanghai
Clear frame sunglasses - Taipei
Socks - Tutu Anna
Cage bralet - Qoo10
Lipstick - Lime Crime Makeup in Airborne Unicorn

If I've blinded you slightly with lines...well, that's exactly the point. Okay I might have gone overboard with in-your-face lines, but sometimes in life you have to be bluntly obvious to bring a point across. How else could I have caught your attention other than re-emphasising the obvious?

Besides the best lighting I could have asked for that afternoon, let's talk about this matching 2-piece set. I'm not sure how I went through the past twenty years of my life without owning a legit matching set other than my school uniform? Recently I have also thought a lot about going back to basics; be it fashion, beauty remedies and sometimes even diet. Some examples include removing makeup with olive oil which is amazing for the skin and body and kind on your wallet, wearing a single colour head to toe, substituting sugar water with citrus infused water...the list goes on but you get the idea. Let me simplify my life!!

I finally realised how immaculate a matching set looks on. Just like how it's timelessly classic to be dressed in a good suit for job interviews, it's similarly smart to be perfectly matchy-matchy over the weekend. This is simplest, or in other words the laziest way to get dressed with no effort at all but of course it's not just limited to its default combi. Made with clean white neoprene, I personally really like the organza inserts as they are very AWang-esque. It's also quite sporty and playful in my opinion as the organza inserts on the skirt goes pretty high up. If you're more conservative, you can layer a sports bra or caged bralet under the top for extra coverage. 

p.s. Just a word of caution to go a size up for the skirt if you are between sizes as it fits very snug! For a moment I thought my zipper was going to burst lol!

p.p.s. Yes, I'm aware that the platform of my left shoe is partially detached. It just broke off like that!! But the shoot had to go on :( Lesson learnt: try not to buy knock offs again. Sorry Mr. Campbell.

Photos by Faith Png of Misster Faith