Safari shirt dress - c/o Dressabelle
Leather oxford boots - Shanghai
Belt - vintage
Lip colour - Topshop lip paint in Jealous

Happy Halloween! It's all pumpkins and trick or treatin I'm thinking of in my head right now, but ironically, I have neither carved a pumpkin in my life nor have I actually walked through my neighbourhood knocking for candy. Just reminds me how the media could really get into our heads. huh? What are you guys doing this Halloween? I've never been a huge dresser for the occasion (well I have dressed up as a pirate once), but my personal tends to be quite thematic in my own imagination. Let's say if I was wearing a floral jumpsuit, you can be sure I'd grab my beetle ring and stone necklaces to complete the "earthy" look. Similarly, since I have on a military inspired dress today, I decided to go with a fitting belt with oversized buckles and dangling chain. Belts on military uniforms have always appealed to me. Especially when utilitarian wear is huge this season, that makes the perfect excuse to wear retro belts, the bigger the buckle the merrier! Have a good weekend everyone, speak soon. <3