Day At Google Singapore

Slip camisole dress - H&M
Turtle neck tee - Uniqlo
Lace up flats - Taobao

Last Saturday, I attended a workshop on content marketing because I felt like I needed the knowledge for my future career. It was not just any workshop, but one held in Google Singapore's office! Much thanks to Orange Hive, the workshop organizers who scored such an awesome location. 

Now let's proceed to my main point; isn't everyone curious to see how a Google office looks like? Well I hope these visuals put some burning questions to rest. I was only allowed to explore a small part of the office but wow, it's no surprise why so many people would want to work for the world's most coveted tech company. A colourful theme runs throughout the space which is reminiscent of a children's playground.

Google sure has its way with humour, such as localized meeting room titles. Mine was named Alamak. Can't help imagining boss saying, "meeting at Buay Tahan room at 4pm later, please bring your brains". Around the corner of the pantry was a line of mini meeting rooms named "The Google Orient Express", each cabin complete with a 'window' which is in fact just scenery posters.

The green swirly chair was the best thing! It's incredibly ergonomic and fun, making you want to stay on your seat. Compared to the shitty plastic chairs in school, these green objects were heaven. With wheels attached at the base, I felt like I was driving a vehicle. Too cool.

Photo 5 credit: The Orange Hive Community