The Prelude: A Bridal Couture Showcase

It's written in the stars, darlings
Everything must come to an end
We thought love could change our names
And free us from our earthly chains
Oh we wanted to believe in it, to believe in it
But they couldn't

In kind courtesy of the folks over at Le Grand Boutique & Bridal, I was in for a visual treat to witness for couture bridal gowns. The 19th century interior of Chijmes, refurbished from a former convent, evoked a fairytale-like ambience. Even for someone who isn't usually impressed by the whole idea of a "dream wedding", imagining myself donning one of the gowns was enough to make my heart itch.

Can we take a moment to talk about the back?

Wedding dresses have evolved a lot in the recent years, with many brides-to-be being more adventurous in their choice of silhouettes, styles and colour. I felt like what made The Prelude  show stunning was the dress construction of the back, with designs ranging from minimalistic plunge geometrical cuts to intricate buttons-downs, corset and sheer embroidery. Among all, I found the tulle skirt with pockets and the pink t-shirt gown most intriguing. The previous may come in really handy for holding tissue paper if you're the type to cry on your wedding day lol. Save yourself from some smudged mascara mess.

A couple blue dresses made bold runway statements, with some resembling Elsa from Frozen. *Let it go, let it goooo...* As corny as the idea sounds, Disney sure knows what they're doing in the fashion department because those sparkling blue dresses were magical even on a real human being. And then came the grand finale as I saw the model in the puffiest dress ever grace the runway, fitted in a structured bustier and a massive tulle skirt layered like icing. I think the designers had done a fantastic job defining a modern bride while retaining her classical imagery passed down over centuries.

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