There's a sense of wonder when discovering new, foreign places. For over two decades of living in Singapore, I hate to admit that I have never and will never see the old supreme court. What a shame. The building had undergone years of restoration and reopened as the National Gallery of Singapore earlier this month. It's unmistakably mesmerising with its contemporary design elements that breathe new life to the historic landmark – for example, water-filled glass ceilings that bounce light naturally and glossy flooring that recreate the old world charm. It's a big ol maze within, something like Harrods, with endless corridors linking to chambers within chambers. It must have taken a lot of thought to preserve our national treasure, but it hurts me a little knowing I'd never be able to time travel and see the old supreme court back in the days because time waits for no one and the only constant of time is change. Some days, I wonder why is the world so obsessed with the new, and less reminiscent of the past. The past becomes a fantasy, rechurned into something completely foreign to keep up with the times, expressed as fragments in artistic disciplines like movies and literature. Oh, hold still my fragile, melancholic soul. If time could rewind...if only.

Wearing New Look blouse, Love Bonito Davonna dress, H&M chandelier earrings, Taobao lace-up flats and Revlon lipstick in Rose Velvet.

Photography by Yun Jing.