Powder Blue

Pleated midi dress - c/o Dressabelle
Choker - c/o Dressabelle
Wool cardigan - G2000
Pearl trapeze earrings - c/o O'ORO
Pointed flats - Charles & Keith

We all have those days when we really don't feel like impressing anyone. We always hear of the phrase "dress to impress", but in reality we are only dressing to impress ourselves who have already set ourselves up to disappoint. My favorite part about getting ready is that alone. The time I spend making myself look and feel good is really more precious than how people perceive me. I recently came across a video series What's Underneath by Stylelikeu, which is completely mind altering for me...positively. The series consistently emphasises the fact that the clothes you wear should be your spirit and not a facade. Your body should be a good place to be in because that's "the only home you'll ever have". If you hate heels, ditch it, maybe for a day. Take a day off and enjoy the pavements in your own soles and stop worrying about height. Let your hair down and skip the lipstick if you simply hate how it stains the coffee mug. Be comfortable for a day and realise how much a difference it makes. So by translating my feelings into an outfit, I decided to dress down an otherwise prim dress by tying an old cardigan round my waist – very practical especially when I'm going somewhere cold like the cinemas. I chose flats over heels because comfort was key. The powdery blue is such a relaxing shade for everyone, but nicely contrasted with an oatmeal cardigan for some warmth. Natural elements like the wooden soles of shoes, the pearl earrings and stone choker make good accessories that enhance the overall neutral colour palette. I hope this post gave you some inspiration to dress for yourself. Remember to check out the video series I've mentioned too! I promise you won't regret it.

Photos by Huiyi.