Negative Space


I'm falling in love the the boys from Tokio Hotel all over again. Those who are familiar with the band know exactly how catchy their first international single Durch den Monsun was. I was around fifteen when I first heard it. The rest is history. Even though they eventually perform their music in English for international promotion purposes, nothing beats listening to the twins in German. It's just so authentic, raw and because I don't understand the language, the music and emotions are what really get to me. Art does not always require many common mediums to be understood...though I think knowing basic German would help.

I am less than 5 days my month long europe trip (Germany is one of the destinations) and this week has been notoriously anxious for me. From packing, planning the itinerary and last minute errands, I admit that travelling brings me a certain amount of stress. But again, it is something I have been waiting for a long time, and travelling will break the monotony of bad sleeping patterns and Netflix nights. Who knows? I might just become a morning person when I'm back in Singapore. As if.

Anyway, I received my LASALLE year 2 results today! Finally. The suspense is in the wait (quote from Mad Men). It's typical for people to ask, "how did you do"and the busybodies, "how much did you get"? Truth is, the only question which actually matters to me is "how do you feel"? To answer the first 2 questions: I did well enough. And the last question: happy with what I have. The numeric score is dead because only I know what I deserve. Success is relative, but managing expectations is real. Whether my peers do better or worse, I have met my expectations and I am in good terms with myself. I can now enjoy my holidays in peace! 

Skull tank - DIY
Black skinny jeans - Uniqlo Ultra Stretch
Creeper platforms - Undergound
Custom brown leather choker - HURL

Photography by Yun Jing