The Salvation Army

Tired of town and other crowded shopping districts of Singapore, Amanda, Nigel and I decided to explore an unconventional shopping spot - the thrift store. The one we visited was Praisehaven Family store set up by The Salvation Army that is located in Bukit Merah. (Thanks ZN <3)

Leopard inner slip, blouse, purse - Shanghai. Boots by Vancl. DIY ripped stockings from Daiso

Me, Amanda
Butt-slamming caught in action

Some tips to thrift store shopping!

- Skip the lingerie section. I don't think anybody wants to wear an old underwear. Shoes too.
- Make sure there aren't damages/stains on an apparel that cannot be fixed.
- Buy clothes that FIT. It's not really worth tailoring.
- Try on clothes! (Yes, changing rooms are available in the store.)
- Any wooden/paper items should be thoroughly checked for pest infestation.
- Lastly, always keep an open mind, you'll never know what's there.

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Stuff I picked up from the thrift store:

{everything is second hand except aviators.}

1. Brown high waist skirt (love the slits on the sides), $5
2. White high waist shorts, $5
3. Vintage aviators, 2 for $5
4. Pentax compact camera, $2.50

    Subtotal = $17.50

I am so happy with the compact camera, with the price especially! It works totally fine with some additional functions other compact cameras don't have, even came with a case! It's in mint condition when I found it, with only slight dirt and scratches. If you're the previous owner and reading this, THANK YOU for leaving this baby to me in such wonderful condition.

To end this entry, I just want to say I enjoyed shopping in the thrift store. Many of the stuff there were preloved and in decent condition. The Salvation Army welcomes donations (in terms of material items) so I urge everyone to think twice before throwing 'junk' that might be a treasure to someone else! Besides, it's for a good cause too. :)