Happy Things

Just a quick update! What's keeping me happy recently.


1. My ukulele

Yes, I finally got my hands on my first ever instrument! I have zero musical background and um well, not musically talented at all. But I enjoy singing when nobody's at home and that pushed me to learn an instrument so there's something to hold on to instead of just me singing awkwardly to the karaoke screen.

Turned out the ukulele is pretty simple to pick up, however difficult to master. So far so good, I'm still trying to perfect my first song, my fingers are in so much pain! :(

2. Universal Studios!

80% of you who are reading this have probably gone USS, but it was my first time just a couple of days ago! Incomparable to Disney Land I must say, but thrilling for me nevertheless. I enjoyed the Mummy ride especially, it's my favourite.

And after much persuasion and peer pressure from my friends, I gathered just enough courage to go on Cylon. The sight of it scares me to death, I must be completely nuts at that moment to ride it but hell yes it made my trip to USS worthwhile. NO REGRETS.

A very bad view of Cylon of Battlestar Galactica

3. Bralet

This piece of apparel might not be the most versatile item but definitely looks pretty on. (right?) I'm still thinking of ways to incorporate this bralet into an outfit that's wearable. Suggestions? 

It's only $10 anyway.

"Vanilla florals" bralet from Cotton On, $10

4. Mom's jewelry

Some jewelry that belonged to my mom...that are mine now.
Vintage jewelry

  • Peanut necklace: I used to wear it when I was a baby. There's even some tooth marks on the peanut from my attempt to chew on it.
  • Green marble earrings
  • Foral earrings: My favourite out of all! It's really vintage - even has a clip on the back.
  • Green gem earrings: Very striking. Wore that for prom night.
  • Blue 'raindrop' earrings: Wish I had multiple ear holes to wear both pairs at once.
  • Brown stone earrings: Love the streaks when its reflected against light.
  • Grape earrings: Why are those grapes yellow?

5. Goodbye Lullaby - Avril Lavigne

Avril's 4th album! (5th if you count in My World) Have been playing the record on repeat every night. I remember how my friends and I used to idolize her when we were in primary school, it was our childhood! Time flies and that girl is already 27 years old.