Black Parade

Earlier this week, I had one-of-those days whereby I woke up to find I only had 15 minutes to get ready and head to school. I grabbed a black tank top, a comfy pair of harem pants and slipped on my flip flops.

I strongly believe that a plain outfit can be transformed with the right accessories. On my journey home, I was making up different accessories to spice up my boring black outfit so I came up with this!

Pictures taken with my old Canon digital camera + iPhone for the shoes.

Military jacket from Etam, Shanghai

Wedged booties, second hand from flea market
It was my first attempt to shoot in my room, and it was harder than expected due to limited space, narrow lens span and lack of experience working with a tripod. And to be honest, I wasn't satisfied with what the pictures turned out at all. My room was well lit by natural light, however, most of the pictured turned out grainy, dark and unfocused, leaving me utterly disappointed.

But anyway, here's the best ones I found and combined. Enjoy :) While I try to figure out better angles in the room to work with.