My tummy has been a chaotic place for the past 4 days.

After much pain and delay, my body finally failed me. And that's the only reason that pushed me to see a doctor. 4 hours ago, I was literally shaking in pain and cold. My vision blurred and I couldn't keep my balance. The doctor diagnosed me of food poisoning, and 'awarded' me with a 2-days MC. I would rejoice and dance around in my PJs if I were still in primary school, but no, absence from school at this age means missing out.

At this point, all I want is to be well taken off and feel cherished like every other child deserves to be. And that's when my mother plays her role. She plays her role perfectly, especially when I'm ill. The kind of concern she shows cannot be replaced with anything else in the world. And that's all I need now.

What I want to prove tonight is, at times when shit like this happens, at times when I feel like the only fucking person in the world, at times when I feel like nobody gives a damn. My mother is there. Nobody else, but my mother.