Really can't bring myself to update this lonely space because I'm all choked up with school and endless social expectations. I have plenty to write about - like the super belated Audi Fashion Festival and my 3-days getaway to Turi beach, Batam. I can't wait to share! Every school day is so exhausting and mundane, I barely have time for myself and loved ones. My nail colour is left to chip, my list of to-watch movies keeps growing, always feeling too tired to play my uke at the end of the day though I really want to. I have lots of outfits put together in my mind but I never had the chance to wear them out on weekends.

Can't wait for my term break. Can't wait to update this space.

(I'm back on Tumblr! That's because mobile blogging is much easier, I can do it on my way to school^^ Check it out.)