I finally got my hands on these babies. Noticed them around 2 years back when no one wore them on on the streets (ashamed to say I only got them recently), when I was still obsessed with imaginary gothic characters like Emily the Strange and Wednesday Addams. Well I still love them; those little girls, although fiction, influenced my style over the years. It seemed like a pair of mary-janes could go with anything from uniforms to lolita tutus, seen on children, postmen and maybe spooky dolls.

I actually wore the dress the other way round because I don't like the crew neckline. 

My photographer!

Mandy is fantastic at jump shots simply because she is a dancer! "Grace in every move". She was literally dancing away when I caught these shots, varying from leaps to spins. Try doing her poses and you might sprain your spine, so take caution.

To end of this post, I would just want to thank those who have been with me ever since I embarked on my Lookbook journey! This is my 14th post, which acquired 80 hypes in just 4 hours, and made it the highest of all time. It might not be even significant compared to many, but I'm just so happy and grateful for every single form of support, from friends and strangers all over the world. (Yep, I know who are the ones that's always with me) It's an amazing feeling how people actually acknowledges how I carry myself visually, and how my style is being appreciated. 

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