Wednesday Addams

Gotta love the Addams family!

I remember watching them on cartoon network as a child after school, singing and snapping away as the theme song is playing. I have also watched the original movie in black and white film. My favourite character is non other than Wednesday Addams!

Source: Sgnewwave

*snap snap*
They're creepy and they're kooky, 
Mysterious and spooky, 
They're all together ooky, 
The Addams Family!

Today's outfit was inspired by Wednesday Addams and put together last minute. And yes...I actually wore that out and got countless weird stares from the curious, confused public. For the purpose of the photos, I added the bow tie, added false lashes and braided my hair to exaggerate the look. Fierce?

Wednesday does not wear heavy eye makeup. Like, obviously cause she's just a child. But the hollows of her eye socket and dark circles were emphasized as seen. But I did a dark eye anyway because I wanted a more gothic feel. Shouldn't have even concealed my under eye area!

How to achieve Wednesday Addam's makeup:

Face: Use a pale matte foundation, set with powder
Eyes: Dark smokey eyes. Don't be afraid to use lots of shadow, as long as you dont make it overly messy. I used lots of mascara, then fake lashes for the lower lid.
Cheeks: Heavily contoured. I used a plum blusher, but you can use brown shadow or bronzer. I did some contouring for my nose, temples and chin as well.
Lips: Wipe out your lips using a concealer, or use a pale nude lipstick.

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