Last weekend

Yuting's 18th birthday

The evening sun

Ultra cutesy cake with leopard prints!


Visiting the railway track @ Bukit Timah

Since everyone has made at least one visit to the tracks, I did too! Haha, I don't really know the purpose of it. But I guess it's something turning into history and people just want to visit, take lots of pictures and keep it in their memory before those tracks get demolished.

I felt like as if I was in another place while making my way down the rocky pavements with minimal wood to step on. The atmosphere was serene and peaceful, besides the occasional flocks of curious people (including myself) and heat that ruined the experience.

Nigel snapping away eagerly

Brought my dad's old SLR along!

Cat eye shades - Shanghai, top - m(phosis), denim skirt - FOX, sneakers - Vans

My favourite pair. Oldie but goodie! Have been wearing it since I was 15.


<3 <3

Editing photos with Aperture for the first time ever. I'm still pretty lost with the functions and all, I love the preset effects (I'm using mostly 'vintage' for this set) but the interface can be pretty confusing. Still learning!

Thank you for reading. Hang in there, the weekends are coming!