Loots: Salvation Army Thrift Store

Went on a mini shopping spree with my mom to Praiseheaven Thrift store, by the Salvation army. It's my third time there. I get so many surprises every time I visit. Trash to one can be treasure to another! There are so many preloved items in close-to-perfect conditions at reasonable prices, plus you'd be happy to know your purchase is for a good cause.

Here are some of the items I discovered, loved, and brought back home:

Vince Camuto heels in Silver, $20

Gradient lucite (see through) heels!
I knew I had to get it the moment my mom brought me to it. It features a thin t-strap and open square toe, probably like a daintier version of JC's foxy. Besides the quality and comfort, the sole showed minimal signs of wear. Whoever donated this must have had a big heart! 

Esprit dress, $12
I've been looking for the perfect chiffon floral dress for the longest time ever, what a pleasant surprise to find one (that FITS right) in a thrift store! The print is just bold enough for me and ends right above my knee. I also think it's a rather versatile piece cause it goes with denim jackets, formal blazers, white Converse and so on.