Making A Little Storage

I'm running out of face powder so I did a little shopping and... I decided to get Maybelline's Pure Mineral two-way Cake! Finally got my hands on this skin loving foundation.

Some of you would have known that I work part time for Loreal (and Maybelline). During my work, I would try out products after products and this has caught my attention since its launch early this year. Mineral makeup in pressed form? Incredible! Never will I experience 'powder-works' in the morning as I do my makeup.

I have not tried on the product on my face yet but the product seems to be extra fine when blended onto the back of my hand (as compared to my current - ZA). Shall do a review in the near future.

Anyway, for those who are interested in this two-way cake, get it now! You will find them in most drugstores along with a limited edition foundation case! Plus, it's retailing for $19.90 which means the foundation case comes free. Original packaging sells the case and refill separately.



Refill. For those who are interested, I am an OC2 (slightly darker than my natural skin colour)

I really love the packaging. Call me a hoarder if you want, I guiltily admit finding difficulty in throwing away boxes (especially perfume boxes)... 

But guess what, I can make them useful instead, right? E.g. I use used tissue boxes as compartments in my drawer. Let's just say I'm doing my part for the environment!

How to make a lipstick holder:

From left to right:

1. Measure the centre of box and draw a continuing straight line on all sides.
2. Cut 3 sides of the box, leaving one side untouched.
3. Secure loose parts with clear tape.
4. Choose a wrapping paper. For my case, I tore out a page from Cath Kidston magazine.
5. Wrap your box like as if you would for a present.
6. For a finishing touch, I used green tape to conceal the exposing white part.

You're done!

My little lipstick holder fits all my M.A.C lippies and other favourites!