My makeup portfolio

Finally, I present to all of you my portfolio...

I have been doing all sorts of makeup work since four years ago or so. Never had a proper collection of stuff arranged in chronological order, but luckily I never failed to take a picture or two. So here's my advice to all aspiring artists out there: ALWAYS keep a record of your work and stay honest. Your work is precious. Trust me, you'll see how you progress.

I am so proud to show the world my portfolio. I don't care if anybody is going to book me for service, Every single picture came from a little inspiration, continuous self-motivation and tons of hard work. Not just from me, but the models, the photographers. Yes, especially the photographer. Special thanks to Stuart. The photographer is the one carrying the heaviest equipments, tolerating extreme weathers just to catch a perfect shot, and the one staying up all night just to edit the photos.

I'm sick of doing work for free. Artists are not cheap labour, or worse, free. Artists don't owe you a single thing. In fact, you should be grateful for everything beautiful in this world all for God and the existence of talented creators. Just like any other person, artists need to work hard for a living. Just like any other, they've got bills to pay.