High Tea

The Peranakan Museum is tucked along Armenian street, right beside Substation, a 5 minutes walk from Bras Basah Station. The stand alone block features 10 galleries, 9 of which made permanent. The special gallery features Peranakan fashion - the Sarong Kebaya. 

I think it's a pretty interesting museum to visit. It's unlike those museums that bombard you with history and names, those I remember visiting as a primary school student. The exhibits display everything from lifestyle to food and fashion. Some are interactive, like picking up a telephone to hear what Babas used to gossip about. Admission is free for all Singaporean students and teachers!

Outfit of the day 

Wearing suede shoes has to be the worst decision on a rainy day :(

Velvet dress - Topshop
I recently splurged on a Topshop dress. I rarely buy anything from Topshop, it's too expensive to me. But THIS. I fell in love the moment on saw it, even more when I tried on and the velvet weighs itself down perfectly on my body. It matches easily and feels super comfortable.

The same dress to wear for school :)

Suede Heels - New Look

Bag - Perllini, stockings - Hong Kong

High tea @ Tea Cosy, Plaza Singapura 

What's with the recent hype over high tea? So answer my own curiosity, I decided to give it a try today! Also, it's meant to be a surprise for Nigel's birthday treat. I rarely choose dining places (because I don't love food) so Nigel was elated when I brought him here.

Before he knew I was bringing him for high tea:

Me: "We're going for something yummy now, so let's have cheap dinner okay?"
Nigel: "Whaaatt?? I thought we're eating good food? Then what we eat for dinner?!"

Shows how much he doesn't trust me when it comes to food. He probably expected me to bring him to Macdonalds or something. SIGH.

Super alluring cupcakes (that we didn't try)

Everywhere was filled with angels, vintage furniture and artsy decor! Some paper crafts are for sale at the counter. The ambience is really cozy. I'm the type of person who hates loud background music and tight dining spaces. But Tea Cosy is thoughtfully planned out in every way - music soft enough to encourage conversation, tables placed far enough to not overhear someone else. Also (very important), temperature was just right and the cafe is adequately lit. Very comfy!

We went for the High Tea set for 2 - $29.95+ that includes:
1 seafood set
1 non-seafood set
2 scones
3 miniature cakes
2 beverages (English breakfast tea)

My thoughts:
The food is delicious. Really. Nothing is too sweet or salty. The scones were served with butter, cream cheese and blueberry jam. The miniature cakes taste rich with just about the right amount of sweetness. Everything is presented nicely, with the tea served with sugar cubes and separate tea pots. Felt like a scene in Alice in Wonderland!

My only complain would be the serving. Don't go there expecting your stomach to be filled. It will not. Every item stated on the menu is literally bite-sized, gone in a second or two. So do have a nice meal before you go for high tea! However for the ambience, service and taste, I think paying thirty dollars for two is overall worthwhile. I'd definitely go back again.

Smoke salmon on bread