Krystof Smidl

Yesterday I had the chance to be around to shoot with Krystof from Carrie Models. The location was at Sentosa cause the model and photographer wanted the 'raw' theme. I guess we take our sunny island for granted. While Singaporeans always complain non-stop whether it's rain or shine, Krystof told me he came to Singapore to build his portfolio because he thinks Singapore is great for pictures!

Peeking at his portfolio... (what a makeup artist gets to do during idle time)

Why so handsome?!

Will you believe if I told you he's only eighteen and still studying? Yet he already has done countless photo shoots with other established models. In the picture above, Krystof is in a Prada suit (his first paying job BTW). He told me that he was warned to not fall with the suit on or else he would have to pay.

Our model with very short assistants

"It's a wrap!"

The result?

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p.s/ I know prom night is ongoing for most of the secondary school graduates. If you are interested, or know anyone who is interested to get makeup done by me, please contact me at ulichanxy@gmail.com. :)