Men and makeup?

Video: Behind the scenes at the Men's Fashion Shows, grooming tips for the modern man, an interview with Pat McGrath.
"Obviously we've had the whole metrosexual thing which is a very big thing, but now it's everybody. Every man is like that; they're all obsessed with their clothes, the way that they look."

I was researching and getting inspiration for today's shoot when I came across this video. Yes I'm working on a male model again if you're wondering! Can't wait to share!

In the video you'll see big, grown men (Francisco Lachowski is one of them) with their hair clipped in place and skin prepped to perfection. Pretty interesting in my opinion. Have you ever wondered if guys wore makeup? Yes, a lot of them do! Mostly for events, runway shows. Did you know even presidents wear makeup during important events or when they have to appear on TV? If you see a significantly lighter ring under the eyes then you know that's a bad makeup job.