Tartan Tales + Layering Basics

Dressabelle is a local online boutique that carries stylish, comfortable pieces at really good prices. The first thing I noticed about Dressabelle's apparel was their quality and details. I am very fussy when shopping online because I know how deceiving pictures can be as compared to the real deal. What looks stunning on the model may not look as good on me.

I noticed that most Dressabelle dresses are of appropriate length for work. Did you know that the most flattering length of your skirt is about a inch above your knees? Dressabelle did it! I love how most of their dresses are perfect on their own, unlike other dresses that require a slip or exposed your undies so what's the point right?

Dressabelle got me to pick out two pieces from their collections, one of which is a tartan dress! To me, tartan usually comes in the form of mini skirts that I instantly associate with Scotland or Japanese school girl. But this one, don't you think it's so modern? The traditional tartan print now goes on a classic shift dress, giving that flattering, silhouette for all body types. This dress also comes with a matching belt to clinch my waist to create more curves.

A humble corner of my room just turned into a very UN-professional studio backdrop...

Close-up at its material - somewhere between cotton and thick flannel shirts.
I will be showing you my own way of wearing this tartan dress by...


How to layer? Singapore may seem too hot to layer almost anything but trust me, it's not when you layer on the right stuff! Especially during this rainy season, the more we girls should take full advantage. You know those few dresses in your wardrobe that doesn't look attractive anymore? They are perfect for this purpose!

I'm nowhere near pro to teach you but if you have the time, watch the video below by Chriselle, a fashion stylist teaching you how to wear the exact 7 pieces for 14 different looks simply by layering. Amazing?

Let me summarize some key points for you:
  • When layering, always focus on proportion, contrast and material - to create visual interest and depth.
  • Always layer from thin to thick materials as you proceed.
  • Use a neutral piece of accessory (e.g. brown belt) to create curves or tone down (e.g. nude shoes) a colourful outfit.
  • Neutral colours may be nude/ black/ ivory or even grey.
  • Lastly, my own input - tie hair into a bun because I can't stand the heat!

1. I layered a super light weight chiffon blouse (mom's) above my dress. I chose a blue blouse because the shade matches with the navy blue blocks on my dress.

2. I love my studded leather jacket to death and wear it way too often in pictures. One of my favourite ways to wear leather is with chiffon because the texture compliments each other perfectly. 

3. Lastly, shoes and accessories! Put on my leather combat boots (which coincidentally has tartan printed inside) and studded cuff.


What do you think?
Hope you enjoyed reading. I urge you to start layering!

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