Loots: Jewelry

  1. Ear studs&cuffs, $5.90, H&M
  2. Geometric earrings, $7.90, H&M
  3. Stainless steel ear studs, $0.90 each, Beadstreet
  4. Lightning bolt double ring, $1, Beadstreet
  5. Oyster shell ring, $1, Beadstreet

Went on a mini shopping trip yesterday, want to share with my readers some jewelry I got.

H&M is very fast with trends so you can't go wrong with their accessories. However the prices put me off a little, I got them because I had a giftcard. Otherwise, I'd wait for sale.

What I really want to feature is this accessories shop Beadstreet, located on the second level of Cineleisure. Some of you may be familiar already, but I was there for the first time yesterday and couldn't believe the vast variety of accessories offered at great prices. You will find anything from jewelry, iPhone accessories to nail polish. A dollar for such adorable rings, I can't ask for more. Be sure to check Beadstreet out the next time you go Cineleisure!

(via Instagram @ulimali)

Boyfriend brought me to Jewel Coffee for dinner last night. Located along Shenton Way, the quirky interior with full glass view of the streets provided a perfect getaway spot among the concrete jungle. The boss was friendly and helpful in helping us decide dinner. He seemed passionate and knowledgable about coffee beans, he even offered us to try new brews for free! Not only the service was remarkable, the food too. I loved the mushroom pasta so much! The cafe is not stingy with ingredients. I'm definitely going back for more!