Tale of the Sea Maid

The mermaid arm party (Clam ring - Beadstreet, silver belt - Hong Kong)

"Fantasies in my head, I drift away to all seas.
Deep underneath the ocean, I heard the tale of the sea maid."

Dress - Lipsyditsy, knit vest - Hong Kong, boots - Dr Martens, bag - Shanghai

My photographer for the day <3

The highlight of my weekend was a visit to the Andy Warhol 15 Minutes Eternal exhibition at the Art Science Museum (info here). Known for his celebrity pop art and Campbell Soup logos, Warhol's story was well told through the galleries. It's so interesting to see the world through his perspective that was vividly captured in photographs. Although I did not know much about Warhol before the exhibit, I was captivated by his artwork and creations. What left the deepest impression in me was his 'Time Capsules' - Warhol filled over 600 cardboard boxes of his belongings, stored the boxes by chronological order, which he intended to display them all out one day! Just imagine what an obsessive hoarder he was.