Chic Steals at Reebonz


I’m sure most of you know the feeling of inferiority of walking into high-end boutiques at Orchard Road because you “look like you cannot afford”. Recently, my friends and I walked into a boutique and out of curiosity, turned labels of almost everything to see its price. “What? How can this card holder cost $800?!” My eyes rolled in disbelief as I browsed. Not surprising that a salesperson hawked on me as if I’m about to steal something.

I think that is one of the many reasons why more people are switching to purchasing branded goods online because you can browse freely! And then check out rationally, hopefully.

It was only recently that I discovered the many models/variations of a Balenciaga. (I’m damn slow) Of course, through Reebonz.

The website needs no introduction. But for those who still wonder, basically it is an online platform that offers luxury brands at discounts through private sales. The sales events are held for short periods of time and are open to members only.

Reebonz is currently holding a Chic Steals Event until 31st August – where products are up to 70% off!!

Remember to enter RR50 for additional $50 off ANY PURCHASE inside the Chic Steals Event before checkout! Shipping is already free within Singapore.

I hear you ladies cheering! Well, am I intending to get anything? Nope, at least for now. You guys know me; I’m not into high-end bags…yet. I must admit the Burberry ones are tempting though.

Hope you’d find something you like! :)