Paint Me a Universe

Ever since the galaxy print was introduced to the world by Christopher Kane, I have been waiting and waiting to get my hands on anything galaxy. With my recent purchases from BlackMilk, I'm only hungry for more. Let's all pretend that we're aliens from outer space!

Midnight Galaxy dress - Dressabelle | Turban - gifted from Zheng Ning

Love it or loathe it, don't deny that your eyes aren't naturally drifted towards unconventional prints. I think the trick to rock galaxy prints is to pick only ONE. It's much better to incorporate galaxy prints minimally than have them top to toe (well I'm guilty sometimes). Otherwise, it might look overly cheesy.

I'm wearing Lime Crime's Opaque lipstick in Airborne Unicorn.

For my case, I am never missing a pair of fierce, statement shoes. Since my arms are bare, I stacked on metallic accessories. Crazy lip colour is optional! Do you like my turban? ^^

Clinic wedges (in the style of Jeffrey Campbell) - TaoBao

Those who have asked me about this pair of shoes, you might want to know that those wedges are detaching themselves. Believe your mother when she tells you "you get what you pay for".

Photos by JJ

If you have been on the search of a perfect galaxy dress that can be layered even in this hot weather, why not settle for this one when it's only $26? A pretty good deal I'd say.

Dressabelle is giving away one piece of Midnight Galaxy Dress on their site, so if you are keen, be sure to visit Dressabelle.livejournal.com!