90's Swing

"Oh I wish I was a punk rocker with flowers in my hair!"

Empire Houndstooth Dress - Dressabelle | Blouse (layered beneath) - vintage

Evening sun, flowers in my hair and a swingy dress to run about in...that might just be the perfect formula to look good in photos. I really love this particular foyer that is filled with beautiful street lamps and the cutest shrubs I've ever seen. It makes me happy and naturally I started twirling around the lamps! Sure I did attract some curious passers-by but does it really matter when I am so comfortable?

Mary janes - Dr Martens | Flower headband - Bangkok

A friend of mine asked me to advice her on recycling her wardrobe because she is tired of having to repeat. I can totally emphasize with those "I have nothing to wear" moments. We all have our days. Well just look at the dress I have on - it has buttons on the front and a waist sash. Why not try wearing it with buttons on the back, sash tied to the back, throw on a jacket etc. Try not to see a dress as it is; instead see it as part of your outfit.

Layering a collar blouse beneath a dress is a quick way to 'recycle' your clothes.

At the first glance, you might be thinking I am wearing a one-piece dress but in fact, layering a nice blouse underneath is how I like to dress up recently. I was actually inspired by school girls who wear pinafore dresses as school uniforms. My school didn't offer that. Therefore I always found myself in envy because you never have to worry about your shirt riding up when you are in a pinafore, right? Besides, it is so much classier and modest! 

Photos by JJ