Dust Bunny Vintage Store

Dust Bunny is located among shophouses along Bukit Purmei Road.

So many of you have commented that you love seeing posts regarding thrift shopping in Singapore. Today I have somewhere new to introduce you!

Dust Bunny Vintage
Blk 112 #01-203 Bukit Purmei Road, Singapore 090112

Well Dust Bunny is not exactly a 'thrift store' in a sense that you are buying donated stuff. I spoke to the shopkeeper that day who revealed to me the items in store are vintage - mostly sourced from America and Japan.

While the cheaper dresses ($30~$50) are comparable to some of the ones I saw in Granny's Day Out, there were many dresses that are truly one of a kind. I found a full length lace cape women used to wear over their nightgown in the fifties, and a Medieval style dress with suede corset details. Of course, those dresses are priced slightly higher from $100~$200.

Bags of all sorts - including a wooden box bag that's peeling on its surface.

There were many beautiful jewelry displayed everywhere. Harp shaped brooch, butterfly hair pins, silk cardholders etc...

You are lucky if you have small feet because somehow footwear seems to run smaller in the past? The pointy pair on your far right costs $60. (almost bought it)

Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo pumps

More random belts and small purses

Other than things I mentioned, you might also come across wallets, old CDs, hats of all sorts. Pretty interesting I'd say! It's definitely a must-go if you are a vintage collector who is willing to splurge on beautiful pieces from yesteryear. However, some things may be slightly dirty/ faulty and require more maintenance. Nevertheless, this little store really has its charm!

Don't mind the iPhone 4 quality pictures, I tried my best!