You Could Be Happy

Kick start the long weekend with a positive attitude! Recently I came across a quote so awesome I felt like tattooing onto my wrist. Kidding.

The better you feel, the better life gets!
- Dulce Candy

As cliche as that sounds, I hate to admit it is so true. How many times has your day turned into a series of unfortunate events sparked off by your neighbors drilling at 8am? Wait, drilling is NOT OKAY. But you get what I mean. Even insignificant things like an angry red zit can put me down.

Leatherette Collar Blouse - Dressabelle | Slit skirt - Cotton On | Suede boots - Topshop

Dressing up is one of my instant remedies to feeling good about myself. If I was given 5 hours to get ready for a date, by all means I will! I realized dressing comfortably can also make a whole lot of difference. This double slit chiffon skirt is my favourite thing at the moment! The sheerness brings out a whole new quality to the leopard prints. It looks so good when I walk against the wind but unfortunately there weren't much wind when I took these photos . :( 

Hat - Daiso | Dream catcher earrings - Beadstreet

The blouse I have on is basic yet understatedly pretty. I always talk about how amazing leather looks with lace and there you have it - two in one! It's actually very flattering to wear multiple prints together as long as you keep the colours consistent. Since the weather is cool you can layer stuff like sweaters over and that is why I love sleeveless collar blouses.

Photos by JJ

Besides taking time to dress up, I absolutely love tumblring for interior design inspirations. I am currently obsessed with home offices built in small spaces. The annual IKEA catalogue never fails to impress me too. I apologize in advance if I flood this space with office photos soon haha! I guess a well designed personal space always makes me enjoy working at home more.

What makes you happy?