Crisp Denim

Dixie Pleated Denim Dress, blouse - both from Dressabelle | Suede wedges - Brash

Socks - Daiso

Ring - Beadstreet

Photos by JJ

When I first looked at the photos, man...what have I done? I swear I had zero intentions of looking like I am wearing the uniform of um, a girl's school. Did I just made things worse by reminding you?  Putting those thoughts aside, how do you like my outfit today? *weak smile* 

Instinctively, I always like to pair denim with white. Trends come and go but I am sure everyone has a white tee and blue jeans as basics. When these two colours come together, everything looks fresh, resembling clouds against the ocean. I was inspired by nautical themed homes with white walls and blue accents, spaces seems brighter and more airy. I think the same colour theory applies for outfits too. For finishing touch, I could not resist adding a pair of cute socks from Daiso!