Le Picnic

Hand drawn parcel

I hated picnics and I absolutely cannot cook. But months ago upon reading this post, (thank you Melody) I was inspired to plan a more-than-decent for Nigel who just turned nineteen this month. Planning a picnic isn't rocket science but neither it's easy. Our picnic turned out successful, and for that I really have to thank my mother for helping me with groceries and cooking.

How To Plan A Picnic

A customized menu makes a picnic more fun!

1. Decide on a theme
Vintage, Chinese style, pastries - take your pick. I chose a vintage Parisian theme for Nigel, though the food hardly matched up lol. You can even decide on a dress code to look extra good in pictures. When selecting mats, plates etc, make sure the colors compliment each other. Daiso is a fantastic place to go for picnic needs, saves your wallet too! Try to give personal touches as much as possible - a ribbon round your tupperware can make a huge difference.

Brown paper bags (pack of 15) - Daiso 

2. Plan your food
Will your food spill easily? Do they require to be kept cold? Is the food difficult to handle? Personally, I find finger food and uncut fruits work well because they are mess free. Sandwiches and salads are great alternatives for the mains, just make sure you have wet wipes if you are using your hand. For food items that requires keeping cold, store separately in vacuum bag with a chiller. For convenience, I try to use disposable ware so that there's less to carry on my way home. I love to keep liquid in my retro vacuum flask because that guy keeps everything chilled for hours!

Table cloth (used as mat) - Daiso | Disposable paper plate & paper handkerchief - IKEA

3. Pick a spot
Botanic Garden's Symphony Lake is a famous spot for picnics but there tend to ants around so make sure to examine the spot before settling down! I think Chinese Gardens and Gardens by The Bay are great alternatives too. It is also a good idea to lay down two mats for bigger sitting/snoozing area.

Disposable champange glasses - Giant
(I don't recommend getting this for picnic as they topple easily on uneven ground)

4. Don't forget your loved one
Don't get so caught up with your phone! Instead communicate with them, laugh, take lots of pictures and lie down together. I think the whole purpose of a picnic is more than eating on a patch of grass, it should be an opportunity to spend quality time while having fun. Bring a book, an ukulele even if you'd like. Remember to enjoy (and have a wet weather plan)!

Pictures taken with iPhone 4.