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Tartan Checked Shirt - Dressabelle | Cotton maxi skirt - Bangkok

I don't know about you, to me finding a perfect plaid shirt is extremely difficult. Either the fit is bad, fabric that's too flimsy, or an unflattering colour. Plaid shirts are like jeans; what looks good on the mannequin often makes me doubt if it is the same on myself. My one and only plaid shirt was a blue one purchased from a store in Bugis Street; asymmetrical pockets, loose thread everywhere...I can go on and on. 

Studded leather jacket - Cotton On
Plaid shirts are understated pieces that are in fact really versatile. I do not know anyone who does not own one. You can easily go from a country girl to grunge rocker with plaid. Button up, down or without. Tie a little knot (like I did) if you like the pin-up girl style. Plaid is an idiot proof piece that obediently abides to how you want it to look.

What should you look for in a plaid shirt? Firstly, the material is important - it shouldn't itch or feel too warm. Secondly, length should be long enough to cover the band of your jeans, short enough to show off the pockets. I find the curve cut-outs on sides of the hips are more flattering. Lastly, always try on a plaid shirt to see if the colour suits you. 

Sneakers - Converse

Mine comes with gold buttons and studs on the chest area. For the price of $24, I'd say it's a pretty awesome deal. I love this plaid shirt so much that I kept one for myself! My search for that perfect plaid shirt stopped here. :b

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