Books Actually: The Documentary

When I saw this video on my Facebook feed, I hesitantly clicked play, unsure if I was willing to sit down for a forty minutes long video. Then I was pretty much hooked till the very end. I have spoken multiple times about this eccentric, cozy little book store along Yong Siak street, a.k.a somewhere in the old Tiong Bahru estate. The owners (yep, the usual people who sits together behind counter) shared about what's more to the books you see - behind those wooden shelves lies struggles, true fans and the essence of their business. Their love for books and a hope to show Singaporeans just how local culture can be, keeps the store running.  I'm truly inspired and humbled by Kenny and his team. Think it just made me love Books Actually even more now. Ahh...just want to rush down, buy a book, have a coffee. Who's coming with me?