Sailors For A Day: Navy Open House

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I'm typing out this post with aching muscles and T-shirt tan lines but mostly, charged with excitement to share with you our adventure at the Changi Naval Base last weekend. The pictures speak for themselves! As the girlfriend of a boy who's enlisting into National Service soon, of course I was keen to see what exactly NS men do in camp, what they battle with and it didn't hurt to spot cute Navy soldiers everywhere. Okay, I know this only the tip of the iceberg but still, I was amazed by the magnificent battle ships and technology our Navy adopts. There were SO MANY people. By that, I mean a human line which extends over six EXPO halls. Probably more. We queued for three hours just to board the Navy shuttle bus and needless to say, the queues at the open house itself (to experience/ board different ship crafts) were countless. Nonetheless, we had no regrets and explored everything to our best ability. I love that Nigel and I were curious about everything so waiting wasn't that bad after all. The Navy Open house was interactive, well equipped (there were mobile water basins!) and thorough. Good job Navy, a big thank you for fulfilling our dreams of being sailors for the day!