Basic Flare Dress - c/o Dressabelle

As far as my style goes, I have never been minimalistic. For some reason the recent 'trend', be it on Instagram, Tumblr or interior design, seems to be that standardized minimal look. Perhaps it is an outlet for modern people to escape from a day's fussiness. The feeling of visioning nothing but emptiness is unexplainably pleasing. Yes I agree, but there is a fine line between minimalism and monotony. But maybe that's just not me. My personal space is far from sleek and minimal...or clean. In contrast, my visitors would see florals and customizations everywhere. I love details. The more the better! Details keep me curious and entertained. I prefer my outfit to be a artfully constructed, one which you can take time to appreciate its finest details.

Candy Kiss S/S 13' tote - c/o Banana Taipei

My eyes literally sparkled when I opened my parcel to reveal this adorable canvas bag. You heard me - cotton canvas! Banana Taipei believes that 'Good designs make life better'. *waves hands and nods* By adopting humorous ideas combined with creative thoughts, these stylish and eco-friendly bags make it difficult to not fall in love. I love how the iconic Celine Nano was cleverly imprinted onto a plain canvas. From a distance, people perceive it as the original but as you look closer, you'd realize the Banana tote is not what it seemed. See what I mean? It is in the details where you find surprises!

Baroque tights - Tutu Anna | Suede wedges - Brash from Payless

You see, the Little Black Dress (LBD) is overused in the fashion world. Something that was once seen classic is now boring to hear. When marketers come tell you, "You should get the LBD because it's classic and timeless!", ignore them. So what if it's classic? Does it benefit you appearance wise? The whole point of getting a LBD is that it should go with 90% of your wardrobe. There is so much more to just wearing it alone! So before you purchase anything, think of at least three outfits you can put together with a LBD - for work, weekends and fancy events.

Chunky necklace - Platinum Mall Bangkok

I based my outfit on this plain LBD, then added a pair of white tights with baroque prints. I think tights are an excellent way to add details or coverage for a dress which may be too short. If you are wearing white tights with a white dress, just make sure the two are of similar shade. The chunky necklace injected texture without unnecessary colour. Lastly, the banana tote added a burst of magenta and really stood out. The next time you wear the LBD, look at it like pasta and remember to sprinkle some flavour and spice..it's more delicious that way!

Photos by Yun Jing