The Free Spirit

Free Spirit
1. One who is not restrained, as by convention or obligation; a nonconformist.  2. When one acts all wild and carefree.

Native prints dress - c/o Dressabelle | Cardigan - 木 Apparel

Play this song in the background as you scroll through this post for the full Free Spirit effect! :D

First and foremost, can we all take a second to appreciate the sick photo processing we have on right here? Did autumn just happened? We all know how problematic it can be to work with the abundant greens but miraculously, we found the most random field of fallen leaves and it worked beautifully with  today's theme. You see, old leaves wither and fall as a natural growth cycle and dry leaves decompose to boost the soil's nutrients and fertility. Must we always rid dried leaves of its existence on our pathways?

Leather backpack - Saint Jack (mom's vintage)

Dressabelle normally offers super girly dresses but I was surprised to notice this vibrant native dress. The clash of colours and wild swirl of prints is beyond amazing. It comes in a basic shape with a tailored waist and spaced out pleats. It's made of linen which is super comfortable to wear even on the hottest days! Because I thought wearing the dress alone was too plain for my taste, I threw on an earthy toned cardigan. Its slouchiness makes any outfit more laid back and approachable, and the olive green tones down the red. I normally gravitate towards black and white but recently I have been appreciating the versatility of neutrals.

Revlon matte lipstick in Wine Not

Oxford boots - Taobao | Socks - Daiso

We also found a small tent made out of twigs and leaves. I have never seen one in real life, maybe cause I'm not an outdoor person. I was happily kicking leaves around and imagined dancing in circles around a bonfire. A girl can dream.

Photos by Yun Jing

I hope you enjoyed this post and that I was able to convey the mood across even though its merely words and pictures!